Officially a Member of SAG-AFTRA

Yesterday I took the big leap and joined the most esteemed performers union in the world of entertainment. It's a huge marker for an actor to join the union because it can mark a certain amount of achievement. 

I joined after booking three principal commercial roles although I could've joined after my first principal role. I decided to hold out as long as possible so I could get in some non-union work before becoming a "must-join". 

This doesn't mean I'll be booking left and right, BUT it does look great when walking into a casting room and being able to say you're a union member. It also provides benefits to healthcare, better pay etc. 

Why am I explaining the union to you? My bad. You're probably like, what's next. 

Well, I'm auditioning, taking acting and writing classes and making some other moves to progress my career. Super excited for what's on the horizon.