More Is Happening

One of these days I'm actually going to consistently update this page instead of doing "updates". :)

So, since my last update I:

- Line Produced a short film called "Trouble", written and directed by Doug Hubbard. We're in post-production now. It's going to be HILARIOUS and I can't wait for you to see it.

- I shot a print ad and national commercial for a couple companies I can't write about (darn NDA's) but they were loads of fun.

- Did my first stand-up comedy/storytelling gig! It was EXHILARATING. 

- I'm developing a super fun web series, 2 short films, and writing a feature now.

Overall, can't complain! I feel super blessed. And there's more! But we'll talk about that later. Wish you all (whomever may be reading this around the world) the best. Thanks for checking in!




April's been a busy one. I started it by leaving my part time job to create full-time and booked parts in two independent films, "Flowers of Manhattan" and "Snake Food". Will let you know if they become publicly available or when they screen.

Also, began pre-production for a short film I'm co-producing, "Trouble" by Doug Hubbard. Super excited about this project. It's hilarious and all in one space! It'll be something to see. 

I did a bit of modeling for Marlow Goods! Check out their site for super cute items..and pictures of me haha. Love their brand and ethics!

Also did some traveling by heading to Dubai and Abu Dhabi! It was a life changing experience. I learned so much from so many people...I now have the travel bug more than ever. 

May's looking great too! Going into production for Trouble and MILK RUN is showing at the NYC International Film Fest, The Art of Brooklyn Fest and the NewFilmmakers NY fest! This summer's shaping up to be wonderful. 


MR Selected for NewFilmmakers New York Fest

Milk Run has been selected for its first film festival! NewFilmmakers New York has put us on its 2015 Spring Series slate. It will premiere May 27th in NYC. Once we have location details, we'll let you all know! Hopefully our Tri-State area friends can attend. 


Also, some other things have been brewing for me behind the scenes. I'm now in the writing stage for a new web-series idea and tying up some ends to features that I'm writing. It's really been a season of preparation. Meeting people, writing interesting content and pushing forward. This spring is going to be great!


Directing A Web Series

So, I've taken on a new venture…being a director for hire. This past fall, I met a young woman with a vision for a web series that she needed another eye on. It's titled "Hysterical Historical Hillary" and is about a middle aged life-coach named Hillary who can't seem to follow her own advice. 

It's been such a fun experience. I directed one episode in November and the next will be next weekend. It's so rewarding to be a part of bringing to life someone else's work. It's also more challenging and I'm glad to be stretched in this way. 

I'll post once there are clips to share. 

SECRETS - Picked Up By E3 TV

Secrets, a film I wrote and directed in Winter of 2013 has been picked up by E3TV to be shown on for a 3 month period. This is extremely exciting for me since Secrets was such a love project and I wasn't sure what kind of traction it would pick up. has over 10 million users and if you are subscribed to the site, you can see my film there. Otherwise, it's on youtube! 

To date, Secrets has 14,000+ views on youtube. It's incredible. It just makes me even more excited to complete Milk Run and show it to the public. Thanks for your support everyone. 

MILK RUN in Post Production + Updates

Hey There,

The filming of my latest short MILK RUN formally known as Mr. Petey went amazingly. Super smooth and now we're in the editing process and putting together the press kit for media outlets and the festival circuit. It looks great, the cast and crew were so supportive and I can't wait to show the world what I've been working on for several months. 

Also, acting and modeling wise, I recently booked a print ad for Verizon and I commercial for NorthFace. I'm also auditioning often through my agency and connecting with people concerning other opportunities. 

The future is bright. Once we have the poster ready for MILK RUN, I'll be sure to post it. 



Short Film Production

I've recently finished a short film screenplay that I'm looking to get produced in the next couple of months. Hoping to have it finished in time for submission to festivals in the fall. If you know of anyone with experience or connections to this field in NYC, please send them my way.

The shoot would likely be a couple of days but is post-production heavy. No special effects though. Thanks for the support :)



Officially a Member of SAG-AFTRA

Yesterday I took the big leap and joined the most esteemed performers union in the world of entertainment. It's a huge marker for an actor to join the union because it can mark a certain amount of achievement. 

I joined after booking three principal commercial roles although I could've joined after my first principal role. I decided to hold out as long as possible so I could get in some non-union work before becoming a "must-join". 

This doesn't mean I'll be booking left and right, BUT it does look great when walking into a casting room and being able to say you're a union member. It also provides benefits to healthcare, better pay etc. 

Why am I explaining the union to you? My bad. You're probably like, what's next. 

Well, I'm auditioning, taking acting and writing classes and making some other moves to progress my career. Super excited for what's on the horizon.