Hi, I'm Alexandria.

I currently reside in Brooklyn, NY and am from the small town of Tallahassee, FL. I received my bachelors degree in Broadcast Journalism from Florida A&M University in 2013, but my passion has always been performance and film.

Since moving to NYC, I've directed my fourth short film, Milk Run, that has been selected for five (and counting) festivals around the nation. I produced a short, Trouble, that's now in post-production and have directed web series episodes, promo shoots and more. I'm currently in development for my own web series and am writing my first feature.

In Florida, I wrote and directed three other shorts with my 2013 film Secrets having won the Her Story Film Competition, bought for streaming on Roku.com and selected to show at health and wellness festivals in the US. My documentary, Love Plus also won a 1st place Associate Press award and is viewable on my videos page.

As an actor, I've starred in several award winning short films and have acted in national commercials for major brands. I'm now searching for an invigorating project and character to pull me from behind the lens. 

It's been an amazing journey full of unexpected and profoundly empowering turns. I feel more connected to my true self then ever before and I put that into all the work I do.